“Joyful” Coffee Moments

Almost daily, I make a small pot of Starbuck’s True North coffee. I usually add in a dash of cinnamon to the coffee grounds pre-brewing, because cinnamon makes almost everything better, right? So it is my spices sit in a small, open box on the kitchen counter, with cinnamon snugged up next to, of all things, oregano. (Okay, so my rhyme for spice arrangement is based on “most used” and ease of access, for those moments of “blind quick-thinking” in a pinch while busy cooking – so it makes perfect sense in my world for it to be this way.) Imagine then, if you will, horror of horrors, being lint-fuzzy brain-fogged and absentmindedly on autopilot, reaching for cinnamon and grabbing Oregano – one, two, three, flick of the wrist – viola! in she goes. —— No, I haven’t always caught my mistake in time. And yes, Oregano is wonderful – slightly warm, earthy, pungent, a bit peppery and subtly sweet. A Lovely Herb. I enjoy it very much (even more than Basil). It grows madly “wild” in my garden, on a running rampage, unchecked. Delicious. But it’s not cinnamon. And it doesn’t belong in coffee. At least, not to my tastes.


purple twinkle-toes
oregano in full bloom
star of the garden

long-distance runner is first
rowdy bees swarm the winner

© wildchild47 2023

for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #309: “The Spice of Life” where we’re asked to choose a spice and relate its flavour to a recent incident in our lives. I chose the Tanka Prose form for this piece.

Male white-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lucorum) on the oregano (Origanum vulgare). Keila, Northwestern Estonia. By Ivar Leidus – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


Oregano is typically an easy-to-grow herb. A few 4″ pots purchased from a nursery can make for a surprisingly effective ground cover, especially if left to its own devices, i.e. allowed to flower. It readily self-seeds and spreads into a lovely whorled carpet, good for keeping out weeds. It’s part of the mint family, and although it doesn’t spread by “true underground runners” – it tends to root wherever the branches touch the earth. It’s primarily used as a culinary herb but as an ornamental, it creates a delightful, blowsy effect. Bonus – butterflies and bees absolutely love it.


The name oregano is derived from the Greek oros (meaning mountain) and ganos (meaning joy). And in Greek Mythology, it is believed Aphrodite created the spice as a symbol of happiness.



a person who is nimble and quick on their feet

Definitions from Oxford Languages


Tastes vary – and who knows, maybe one day, new spices will flavour coffee; Starbucks is trying a new “line” of specialty coffee drinks – featuring…. Olive Oil?!


18 thoughts on ““Joyful” Coffee Moments

  1. Cinnamon is my go-to spice. It enlivens the two cups of coffee I consume every morning. Only two. After that it’s tea I crave. I don’t know about oregano in my coffee but turmeric, yes. And many many morning it compliments my cinnamon coffee. Why turmeric? Because drinking a cup of hot water w// turmeric is not my thing. And I love turmeric for its claim of being anti-everything and so I addit to coffee. And iii don’t find this weird one bit.

    Tell me how you like oregano in yours. Bless you, thanks for being here. I’ve missed you. Xoxo

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    • Cinnamon in coffee is lovely. I add it for the warmth and taste – and use it, with other spices, like turmeric and ginger, for anti-inflammatory properties. But I’ve never considered turmeric in coffee. LOL – now that is interesting. I don’t know if I’ll dare to try. I’m not crazy for its taste, but I use it because it helps me with my chronic pain – and I love the colour it imparts. So intense.

      Oregano has no place in coffee. None. Nope. Absolutely not. LOL
      But then, I’m not a huge fan of coffee anymore. Truth be told, I don’t much like it at all. So why would I drink it? For a small caffeine boost and to help with pain issues. But I can’t drink it in the quantities I used to when much younger. Back in the day – at college and uni – it was a staple – top of the Food Chain Pyramid. 😂


  2. I like cinnamon in coffee and tea and oregano in tomato sauce and greek salad. I remember when my daughter put sugar on something instead of salt…each taste has it’s place! (K)

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  3. I have cinnamon every morning. I can only imagine the disappointment with the first sip of oregano instead of cinnamon. Lol! I love the story with in your poem as well as the fun facts afterward. Well done!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

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  4. I really love this, my Wild Child friend. Oregano has it’s place in salad dressings and such. Not in coffee… LOL! I buy a huge container of cinnamon and use it on everything I can. I love these fun facts. I learn something new every time. 💛

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  5. This made me smile. I could see myself doing this. I love cinnamon–and oregano. I do sometimes use them together in Mediterranean/Middle Eastern types of dishes, but not coffee. 🙂
    Thank you for the idea of planting oregano as a ground cover! We’ve only grown it in pots.

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  7. I dislike herbal tea; I can’t phantom (should be fathom) the taste of herbal coffee. Memory: chickory coffee so bad I put the taste out of my mind. As to the po.em, more tasty than oregano coffee for sure.

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    • LOL – the only herbal tea I really love is Hibiscus. It’s awesome. Hard to find though. But no, I’m not a fan of the herbals, although I like looking at the potpourri leafy combos and mélanges when in leaf form.


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